I have used Jim Elliott to manage several arts based programmes with young people. He has always produced work of a high standard and has the ability to engage young people in the process of creating the work and presenting the issues they are raising in ways that always have impact.
Steve Kay - Area Manager - Connexions Humber

Calm, creative and utterly dependable. I thoroughly recommend Jim as a very valuable member of any team.
Catrin MS Davies - Unigryw - Aberystwyth

Jim has a relaxed, low-key workshop style which is totally appropriate for working with young people. His instinctive, sensitive approach can achieve excellent results.
Janet Wood - Lead Core Artist - Doncaster Community Arts

Jim Elliott has worked to a high standard and in a truly professional manner. In particular the film “Wasted” stands out as an excellent piece of work. Jim formed positive, supportive relationships with young adults who were street-drug free. The group created a very powerful documentary which plotted their different journeys in life.
Bob Adams - Arts Development Manager - Doncaster Community Arts

Through working with Jim our members have enjoyed having fun through exploring animation. He was able to motivate/inspire them to create short films and achieve what they would have previously deemed unachievable.
A truly inspirational and down-to-earth guy.
Nicky Morris - Co-ordinator - Ponthafren Centre

Jim has a fantastic level of technical expertise and can always be relied on to do a really professional job.
Ben Tagoe - Freelance Screenwriter - Leeds

Digital Dropout were top of my list to deliver aspects of the Summer Arts College in 2009. Jim provided expert advice on the use of film within the project: namely to assist with evaluation and documentation, by providing a lasting record of the work carried out by the young people on DVD. Jim’s approach to empowering young people to create work which expresses their individual voices is highly commendable.
Tracy Evans - Arts Consultant - South Wales