What we do

We work with charities, schools, justice services, healthcare trusts, councils, arts organisations and other not-for-profit organisations.

Our projects can be a consultation, an evaluation, a diversionary activity, a skills and confidence boost, a way of promoting a service or facility, a team-building exercise, an event or just an opportunity for artistic expression.

On any project the priority for us is that the participants create the work with our assistance, not the other way round.

It is this which sets us apart from other media production companies.

Who we are

Jim Elliott

Since graduating as a community artist in 1997, Jim has collaborated with numerous organisations around the UK. He is used to working with very diverse groups of people to create unique and memorable music, films, performances, installations and animations.

Jim finds the most rewarding artistic experiences come from specialising in work with so called “hard to reach” and “challenging” groups.

Full CV, showreel and CRB number available on request.

Rosie McConnell

Rosie trained as a community drama practitioner but has since specialised in early years education.

She has worked as a teacher in Bristol and as a community arts worker and project co-ordinator for Doncaster Community Arts.

Rosie now runs an open choir and co-ordinates projects for Digital Dropout Media.